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Privacy Policy

  • Ilita Lodge may have to share personal information provided by users, with other commercial entities with which it has a business relationship. These entities do not have the right to use the personal information shared with them, beyond what is necessary to deliver the user’s requested service. Ilita Lodge will only use a user’s personal information insofar as it may be necessary to provide the services offered on this website. Ilita Lodge will not sell or disclose the user’s personal information other than for the reasons set out in paragraph 11 of these Terms of Use.
  • Ilita Lodge collects and will be in possession of the following private and personal information of users:
    • Information voluntarily provided by user. This information is gathered for booking and for service provider purposes; and
    • 2.2 Information automatically collected (e.g. cookies). This information is collected to improve the interaction and browsing facilities on the Ilita Lodge sites.
  • By using this website, the user consents to the following:
    • Ilita Lodge may disclose users’ information to entities with which Ilita Lodge have a business relationship for commercial reasons;
    • Ilita Lodge retains the copyright in its databases of personal information of users;
    • Ilita Lodge may use the users’ personal information for communication purposes from time to time. Users may indicate if they do not wish to receive such communications; and
    • Ilita Lodge may use users’ information for non-personal statistical purposes.
  • In addition, Ilita Lodge may disclose any user’s information where it is legally obliged to do so in terms of the laws of the Republic of South Africa.
  • Any personal information provided to third parties linked to our site is at your own risk. Ilita Lodge is not responsible for the actions or policies of such third parties and suggest that you check the applicable privacy policy of such third party before providing personal information.
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  • Ilita Lodge reserves the right to amend its privacy policies at anytime.


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